We manage the entire production process:

design, development, finishing, and distribution.

Textiles La Libertad is a 100% Mexican textile company with a strong commitment to customer service. Founded in 1959, we specialize in yarn, weaving, and garment production. Utilizing the most advanced textile technologies, carefully selected raw materials, and the support of a professional team, Textiles La Libertad oversees the entire production process, from designing and developing fabric to finishing and distributing the final product.

Today, Textiles La Libertad is a modern factory equipped with the latest in the industry, meeting the highest quality standards. We manufacture threads and fabrics used for:

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We also specialize in custom fabrics with widths ranging from 50 to 360 cm. Our product range includes items tailored for the hotel, hospital, footwear, decoration, and uniform sectors.

We provide special finishes according to customer needs, such as printing, flame-retardant, repellent, antibacterial, and sanforized finishes.



We manufacture 100% cotton yarn and polyester-cotton blends. We work with yarn counts from 8/1 to 30/1 Ne.



We produce flat woven fabric, develop special weaves, and offer finishing in reactive, direct, vats, and printed colors.


outsourced manufacturing

If you need a quality supplier, Textiles La Libertad can help by processing the yarn and fabric you require.

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